Use these tips to change your behavior.

Only four tips! I believe you’ll keep them in mind!!

It’s so hard to change our behavior even we know that’s the right choice. Therefore, we need to have huge courage and determination to change ourselves.

Below are the tips that Mel Robbins suggests we do.

1. Narrow your focus.

One of the reasons people become vulnerable and give up changing is that they are too focused on the gap between the person they are right now and the person they want to be in the future.

So the thing you should do is not think of the big picture but focus on day-to-day, moment-to-moment what you’re doing.

2. Use the 5-second rule.

The method to achieve your goal is simple; however, comply with the technique isn’t easy since people tend to listen to their feelings. So when you find yourself breaking the behavior you want to follow, use the 5-second rule.

Count backward from five to one, and you will notice you calm down and throw away the garbage thinking. Then you will be awaked from the countdown and follow your goal straight.

3. Assessment.

Write down all of the triggers and situations that may make you break the change. You should identify and list down all those possibilities that trap you not to follow your goal.

4. If-then planning.

Next, use the “If-then planning” for preparation. After you genuinely list down the assessment of the situation that you are probably going to cheat, you now should stick something in the place so that you won’t be subjected to your emotion at that time.

Use the imagination of “If I…, then I…” to prepare for the situations that may happen. For example, If I go to the kitchen and want to grab some food, then I stand in the kitchen to surf online and check out Facebook for 5 minutes.

These four steps can apply in nearly every situation, no matter you want to change your behavior or create new habits.

Content inspired by Mel Robbins’s video:



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