The reason that you’re not satisfied with your life.

Learn how to love yourself. Start by picnicking this weekend with your favorite books and foods.

Self-loving is the key to a happy life.

Are you living your life in a way you’re satisfied? Would you sometimes find out that you’re not in the state you want yourself to be in? Unfortunately, many people don’t actually live happy life.

However, have you ever thought it’s because you don’t love yourself and put yourself in a dilemma? Then, try to follow the suggestions listed below, and maybe you will observe a tremendous change.

How to love yourself?

Love is a verb, and it’s important to know when you’re practicing self-love and developing habits around self-love. So it’s all about actions, habits, and thoughts. — Mel Robbins

Yeah, it’s all about what you choose to do, and you need to know you’re making the right decision. You need to decide to form your habits, and how you think of things. You can always change your mind and your body to whatever you want them to be.

1. Choose to be healthy every day.

The best secret to having a healthy life is being a happy person and making a decision to be healthy with your habits. — Mel Robbins

Self-loving definitely includes being healthy. You should know how to parent yourself.

For example, you should tell yourself to stop eating junk foods and work out because you know that although it feels fulfilled when you’re eating fries and shakes, you feel sick when processing them. Moreover, your body and mind love the feeling after work out since exercises bring people energy and release the pressure.

By choosing to eat and act healthily, you will find your body in a better position, proving self-loving.

2. Be who you indeed are.

The secret to confidence is being comfortable in your own skin and the secret to be relatable and likable is being yourself. — Mel Robbins

Find yourself unconfident in front of others? However, have you noticed that it happens when you’re with some particular groups? For example, you definitely won’t feel inferior when hanging out with your best friends.

The differences between these are that you’re faking yourself, and the other is that you can be the REAL you. When you don’t feel safe and secure being yourself in a group, you try to fit in hard, and you sense that you are less than yourself, then you are with the wrong people.

And relationships only work when you can be who you truly are. That means in that way, you can find people that care about you, and you care about.

Other people liking you is the bonus. You liking yourself is the real prize. — Mel Robbins

So try to know who you are again, making you realize what makes you most comfortable. Spend times with yourself, listen to what you want, and find things that energize you.

Then share your thoughts with your friends; it doesn't matter whether they like it or not because you are being who you are.

Confidence doesn’t come from your friends liking the real you, confidence is knowing you’ll be fine if they don’t like you. And you can always change people around you. — Mel Robbins

3. Treat yourself like your loved one.

Self-loving is about giving the things that you freely give to the people that you love. — Mel Robbins

What would you do when your best friends are facing difficulties? Will you criticize them? Absolutely NO. But why do you blame yourself for making mistakes?

Next time, try to high-fiving yourself in the mirror and cheer yourself up. Then, tell yourself the word you would say to the one you love to energize them when they are low. And remember to speak with your name because it helps you to receive it.

You can also buy yourself a gift instead of anticipating others to give you one. Treat yourself like treating the one you love the most, and you can bring yourself happiness. In addition, you should love yourself first before you can love others.

To sum up, to love yourself and live a joyful and blissful life, you should be healthy, be yourself, and treat yourself like your loved one. Try to achieve these, and I believe we could both have a wonderful life.



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