How you should live your life.

Live like you’re dancing at every moment.

Does one really need lofty goals in life?

Have you ever had a feeling that you need to have a remarkable achievement in life? Most people do. Most people have lofty goals and want to find a purpose in their life.

However, this is also the reason that many people aren’t living happy life. They lack the courage to be normal.

The courage to be normal.

Self-acceptence is the vital first step. If you have the courage to be normal, your way of looking at the world will change dramatically. — The courage to be disliked

Due to the deepest desire of human nature is the “pursuit of superiority,” we want to be unique. Either in a good way or in a wrong way. Unfortunately, some people cannot accept that they aren’t superior but average, making the giant leap to become especially bad, which is the opposite extreme.

And that’s because those people equate “being normal” as “being incapable and being inferior.” However, everyone is normal, and it’s not necessary to flaunt our superiority.

So the first step is to accept yourself. Knowing where you are and taking it can change the way you look at the world.

Why you should live a life without a destination.

Think of life as a series of dots. In other words, life is a series of moments. a series of moments called “now.” We can live only in the here and now. — The courage to be disliked

Although you accept that you’re normal, you probably have the destination in life. You have something you want to accomplish before you die, and it’s just like you’re a mountain climber aiming for the top.

When you reach the destination, you believe that there would be a more fantastic view, and you can start your “real life.”

Nevertheless, suppose you didn’t end up achieving the mountaintop; what’s your life going to be like? If you worked so hard aiming to climb to the top, but you died in the “en route,” does it worth it?

In fact, you don’t need a destination because your life isn’t a straight line. Your life is combined by a series of dots, a series of moments, and the moment is “now.” So what you need to do is live like you’re dancing. When dancing is a goal, you won’t think of arriving somewhere.

Since then, you can dance and enjoy every single moment with a better perspective of life.

To sum up, steps to live without regrets.

  1. You need to have the courage to be normal.
  2. Don’t consider life as a straight line but a series of dots.
  3. Dance to your heart’s content at every moment.

Content inspired by the book, The courage to be disliked by Ichiro Kishimi



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