The “BE, DO, HAVE” principle.

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You have to BE before you can DO, and DO before you can HAVE. — Zig Ziglar

You definitely have goals you want to achieve, and we both know that if you want the results, you need to work hard and get them. And this is the part of “DO before you can HAVE.” However, it’s common to neglect the most essential part to succeed, and that is “BE before you can DO.

In other words, you need to BE your core values, beliefs, and purpose so that you can DO the right things, which are entirely related to what you’re pursuing. Then you can finally HAVE it.

The quality of thinking determines the quality of your actions, and the quality of your actions determines the quality of your results. And in life, everything is a result. The successful people get a lot of results, and they think about results all the time. — Brian Tracy

It’s the same concept as the “be, do, have principle.” Although the results and what you eventually have are a way to view your achievement, it’s also essential to know your state and what you need to DO to succeed.

I’m lucky that I experienced the process that Brian Tracy described for the change of daily behaviors. Let me share my experience with you below.

What’s your daily routine?

Average person only use 2% of their potential, and the other 98% is stored and never used. People use 2% with conversation at work and with their friends, messaging, tweeting, and watching television or a screen. — Brian Tracy

It’s so true! Back in college, I was the person Brian Tracy talked about. Except for studied hard before exams, I spent most of my time chatting with friends. We bought breakfast together then went to class although we were already late. Chatting never stopped, and all we think of was, “what are we going to eat for lunch?” After lunch, we got back to classes but expected to finish courses and go back to our dorm and watched television.

The daily routine described above is accurate, and I was wasting my time EVERY DAY.

What are your most valuable financial assets?

Not house nor car. Your most valuable financial assets is your earning ability. The ability to get results that people will pay you for. — Brian Tracy

After graduating from college, I went to several interviews but couldn’t find the job I wanted. Finally, a few months later, I found a job that interested me, which was product manager. I was extremely excited and had a deep desire to contribute to the company.

So, that means I’m no longer the slacking student but a freshman who wanted to BE contributive.

I then worked on everything my boss told me to, asking my colleague the skills they used and finding ways to finish every week's final results. When I went to work, I worked the whole day long. I wasn’t chatting with my colleague or checking on Facebook but focusing on the skill improvement and my results.

Then I achieved the goal my boss wanted and be raised 10% after four months.

The magic number to succeed.

Two hours a day studying on a single skill. Five days a week. Ten hours in all. If you want to go to the top of your field, and be successful people in life, take ten hours a week to invest in yourself. — Brian Tracy

According to Brian Tracy’s video, the bottom 80% of people who struggle with money improved their ability to a level in their first job then level off and never improve in the rest of life. On the contrary, the top 20% of people keep learning new skills every day.

So if you want to become a successful person, you should use the “magic number,” which is spending ten hours a week to learn new skills. You should ask your boss or the most outstanding person in your field to get suggestions of what you need to improve and make that your goal. Or just search online for things you are interested in that you can use for your work, going for the books, audio programs, and videos.

Use the magic number for learning new skills to increase your earning ability, and eventually, improving yourself will become your habit.

Remember to know what’s your “BE.”

However, your “BE” is the first thing you need to be clear of. If you don’t think of you “BE” first and just “DO,” executing “the magic number,” and force yourself to learn every week, you will fail quickly or live a stressful life.

Only when you truly realize your core values, beliefs, and purpose can you naturally DO what conforms to what you want, and finally, HAVE the results.

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