How to train your brain to go through a low period of life.

No, I’m not sleeping. I’m actually training my brain.

Life is full of challenges and obstacles, and it’s hard to avoid that sometimes you may be powerless and even losing control of your life. For example, you may face sudden changes that make your life totally different. Like you probably get fired, divorced, or your loved pet just passed away.

At that moment, you would feel the whole world is against you and that you are completely helpless. However, the way you look at things determines the life you’re going to end up with.

Life Before versus Life After

It’s just like a line in the sand.

Remember this. The bad thing you are going through is just like a line in the sand. It happens everywhere, and it parts “the life before” and “the life after.” Moreover, no matter what situation you are facing, there are tremendous gifts inside it.

The past is fixed, and wasting time thinking about how pathetic you were and how hard it is to get through doesn’t benefit you. And you know what? You can totally DECIDE the way you look at the experience, and it is the key to change your life.

For example, suppose you were fired, you can complain about your boss and be distressed about your living, or on the other hand, you can take it as an opportunity for improving yourself and go for a better job. Believe me, your paradigm has enormous effects on your life, and the later paradigm will save you from a tragic life.

Make an intentional pivot for the direction you’re meant for.

Pause and ask yourself, “What do I want my new life to look like?”

So next time when you feel you lose control, change your belief to “this is a chance that I can grow and acquire tons of wisdom.” In addition, give yourself a space to grieve, and then hit the pause button and ask yourself, “what do I want my life to look like?

This definitely is the opportunity that you can do things to control where you are going! Isn’t it exciting? You can absolutely become stronger and a better version of yourself. Moreover, use this chance to make an intentional pivot to the direction you are meant for next and open a new chapter of your life.

How your brain works to see things.

Besides, there’s the “reticular activating system” that affects your life. The system is a network of neurons that filter your information and keep looking for evidence to prove it.

This is how the “reticular activating system” works. First, the filter system allows certain information and blocks out other information you get. And the filter system is programmed by you and the people from your past. So, second, your brain will keep looking for every piece of evidence that confirms the feeling.

Here’s an experiment, a group of people was drown terrible scars on their faces, and they were asked to walk in the crowd for hours and expressed what they felt. After a few hours, every subject told the tester that pedestrians looked at them with disgusting faces and felt incredibly uncomfortable. However, when they finally looked at the mirror, there were no scars on their face. The makeup artists just pretended to draw scars.

So the filter system gets the information of you having terrible scars which may disgust others, and your proven system consciously finding evidence to confirm the feeling despite it’s not the fact at all.

Methods to train your brain.

Do you know that your brain can actually be trained to get through difficulties and make your dreams come true?

By knowing how the “reticular activating system” works and that the filter is based on you and your experience, you can actually use it for training your brain.

Check out two fantastic ways to train your brain for a better you.

1. Visualization

You can use visualization to encode great memories into your mind. It’s proven that your brain doesn't know the differences between the real memories that actually happened to you and the great memories you created.

So try to use the steps below to bring yourself excellent memories every morning. In fact, this doesn’t only make you feel confident and make your day; it also develops the skill you imagined and even improves the skill just like you are actually doing it.

First, close your eyes and imagine the specific picture of what you look like when you prove your self-worth. Then, put yourself into that situation and consciously think of the positive emotions that you will feel at that moment.

I tried visualization this morning after I watched Mel Robbin’s video about this. I closed my eyes and imagined myself talking to people confidently with a good body form. I saw the picture of myself having a wonderful presentation in front of all the managers. And then I felt the emotions I would have at those moments. I felt confident, proud, energized, happy, and expanding. These are definitely the feeling I want and looking for! Guess what? After doing this, I am motivated and ended up with one of the most productive and happy days.

Please join me now, close your eyes and visualize the person you want to be, then feel the emotions.

2. Make luck for yourself

You probably think that you are not the lucky guy who won the lottery or living in a blissful family, and you are nothing to do with “the lucky one.” However, luck is something you can make for yourself, and you can decide to be the luckiest person on earth.

Try this tip. Write down one good thing that happened to you today before you go to bed. This actually trains your brain to spot the positive things instead of the negative ones. It helps you to think optimistically and be thankful for all.

This is interesting because my mom always says she is a lucky person, and she truly believes that. The reason is that she always looks at the positive things that happened to her, and that makes her merely forget the negative things in her life. If you ask her, “what is the most difficult thing you have faced?” She probably tells you that she has always been lucky.

Nevertheless, although focusing on positive things can help you forget the negative ones, you cannot put them aside and neglect them. On the contrary, you should spend time facing them and change your perspective just like we discussed above. Then, the “bad luck” event will eventually become your strength.

To sum up

Things you can do when you are facing a tremendous change that makes you lose control of yourself.

  1. Look at it from a different perspective. You can’t change the things that happened, but you can change how you look at it. So take it as a rare chance to improve yourself and pivot the direction that you are meant to.
  2. Visualization. Use visualization to create great memories and make yourself confident and secure in a hard time.
  3. Give yourself luck. Always focus on good things that happened to you, and you can make yourself the luckiest person in the world.

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