How to set the goal that you truly desire.

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Don’t limit your possibility and set the goal you actually desire.

Dream versus Goal.

The difference between a dream and a goal is a goal is simply a dream with a deadline. — Zig Ziglar

You definitely have something that you want to achieve. Whether it is becoming wealthy, improving yourself, starting a business, or losing weight, you know you should act to get results. However, you may forget to set a deadline.

If there’s no time pressure, you may procrastinate the things you need to do every day or do it in an extremely relaxed way. For example, I’m ashamed that I started weight training four years ago, and I really desired to lose weight and be fit, but I still haven’t achieved that now. Although I do have some progress, it’s not at the pace that I want. I was only “dreaming” about it because I didn’t set a deadline.

Why are you always be lack of time?

Lack of time is not the problem. Lack of direction is the problem. — Zig Ziglar

Most people waste 80% of their time doing things that are not essential and don’t mean anything in their lives, such as checking social media, watching television, or gossiping about others. Then at the end of the day, you find out that you didn’t finish what you need to do, but it’s already time to bed. So you thought, “why time past so fast, and that I don’t have enough time to deal with important things.” Remember when I was little, I always didn’t have time to finish my summer vacation homework, although I had two months to get it done.

However, you probably have the experience of being productive at work the day before your vacation. On that day, you can finish tons of things that usually may take you a week. And that’s not just because you didn’t want to trouble your colleague for getting things done for you, or because you promised your manager to finish it. It’s because you made a list, focusing on what you exactly have to do.

That is, you have a specific direction and a deadline. No wonder why you were so productive. So why not make yourself like that every day? If you can work as you work on the day before vacation every day, you definitely will accumulate much more experience and get spare time for others things you want to do.

How to set your goal.

However, how to set your goal and know that it is the one you truly want? Check out eight steps to set goals by Zig Ziglar.

1. Write down everything you want.

Write down everything you want to be, do, or have. You can just write down whatever comes to mind. But if it’s challenging to think of, you can use visualization to help you concrete what you want.

Example: I want to lose weight and get fit.

2. Let the list sit for 48 hours.

Put it aside, and take a look at it every time you see it.

3. Write down “why.”

Write down “why” after each thing you list. You can also think in the way of “what benefit this goal will bring me after I reach it.”

However, if you cannot articulate a sentence to that goal, you should eliminate it for now. Because that means the idea is just an idle thought but not what you want sincerely.

Example: I want to lose weight and get fit because I want to be healthy, stronger, and more confident.

4. Identify the obstacles.

You need to identify the obstacles you need to overcome to achieve your goal. Sometimes you’ll find the payout is too significant that you can’t accept, but you should go back to review “why” you want it. Then after measuring, you’ll know if it’s going to stay on your list.

Example: The obstacles I’ll face to lose weight and get fit are that I need to choose to eat clean and be willing to go to the gym five times a week.

5. Spell out people you need to work with.

You probably cannot finish some goals by yourself. So spell out the people, group, or organization you need to work with for achieving the goal.

Example: If I want to lose weight and get fit, I need to work with my friends and coach. Dining with friends can easily break the rule to eat clean so that I should negotiate with my friends not to hang out in fast-food restaurants. And ask my coach to assist me in accomplishing my goal.

6. Identify what you need to know to get there.

Knowing what to do to get your target is not enough. You need to know HOW. By searching online or asking experts, you can get the knowledge of what you’re going to work on.

Example: I have to know how much nutrients my body needs to decide how much I should eat a day, and what motion is the most effective way to lose weight and get fit.

7. Devise a specific game plan.

Then, comprehend the things we know above, and devise a specific game plan for accomplishing the goal.

Example: According to my TDEE, I need to intake less than 1464 calories a day to lose weight. And I should do half an hour of cardio after weight training five times a week.

8. Put the date on it.

Finally, after all these steps, you know what you exactly need to do. Now it’s time to set your deadline. With the date, you can make your dream become your goal and achieve it.

Example: I give myself the goal to lose 6% of body fat in 2 months.

Believe that you can do it.

Remember, when you are setting goals, don’t limit your possibility. If you don’t know your plan, that’s because you don’t see what’s available for you, and you tell yourself you couldn’t get it.

However, you need to honestly believe that you can achieve whatever you want if you work hard enough. So imagine as much as you want, and play the game to succeed but not play it to avoid failure.

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