Do this when you are facing enormous obstacles.

I want to be a courageous dog that doesn’t afraid of vaccines. Although I’m really scared, I faced it and now I’m full of courage!

We crave the feeling of power.

We human beings have a universal desire that is referred to as “pursuit of superiority.” — The courage to be disliked.

Who doesn’t want to be a better version of themselves? Everyone wants, and it’s never going to stop. Because the deepest desire of human nature is the “pursuit of superiority.”

So if we will never be satisfied with our situation, what should we do to make ourselves stay on the right path and live happier?

The personalities such as confidence, courage, and resilience are people desired the most. We crave to be confident when facing people, desire that we have enough courage to deal with obstacles in life, and expect our resilience is strong to recover faster when we fell.

In short, we pursue the personalities and abilities that make us feel powerful so that we believe we can do anything.

The misunderstanding of how to acquire them.

However, we primarily use the wrong methods to achieve the goal. When we face difficulties, people around us often say, “Hey, it’s not that bad. Just think it positively! You are a valuable person who doesn’t deserve that.”

A simple mindset like this is overused. Things won’t change, and we won’t get better merely thinking like this.

For example, if you encounter a vast difficulty and don’t want to face it, does it help if you think positively? How to make yourself have enough courage and confidence to process it?

You want to be courageous, so you face the obstacles and be courageous.

Things that are inside you.

First, you need to know that the empowered personalities and abilities are inside you. For example, suppose that you are a low self-esteem person and you want to be more confident. You have taken so many courses and read tons of books about showing your confidence when communicating, but it doesn't work.

The reason is that whenever you were facing people, you thought of the complex tactics and been too nervous about being yourself. However, you didn’t notice that you are already radiating your confidence if you have a comfortable conversation with others.

“Because confidence, courage, resilience, these are all inside you.” — Mel robbins

Do this, and unlock the power within you.

People often say they don’t have the courage to face the situation. However, when you face it, you have the greatest courage within you.

The thing you need to do is not positive thinking but change the way you look at things. For example, if you desire the courage to deal with difficulties, just face them, and you will become more courageous than before.

When you discover this, it changes your attitude and increases your ability to handle everything in your life. This mindset changing will give you a brand-new feeling of power to take the action you need.

The time to built your power.

It’s like steel, it forged in the fire of your life. — Mel Robbins

Nevertheless, built the power in your low moment instead of high moment. We often feel great when we accomplish our goals and desperate when we fall. So it’s essential to still knowing what you’re engaged in, face the fail, and unlocked the power within you.

You know you can’t give up dealing with the problems cause you understand that you are building your inner strength every moment from the experiences in your life.

Content inspires by Youtuber Mel Robbins’s video:



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